Proud to be an industry leader, it truly is all the unique people that work at Metra Industries who make our company different. Our team and their passion is what sets us apart from everyone else.

With over 30 years of experience in Pipeline Construction, Metra Industries continues to diversify and adapt our Heavy Construction expertise while maintaining a high standard of quality, safety and training in all areas.

Our construction background and experience is highlighted by the fact that pipelines constructed by Metra lie under many major cities, Townships and communities in the eastern region of the United States and overseas.


In addition to the diversification of the Company, Metra’s top employees and officers are well diversified outside the office:

  • The president and operations officer spend free time surfing and have traveled the world to surf some of the best waves on the planet.
  • Our treasurer is a hard-core category one cyclist and has won numerous awards including NJ state champion. He trains 40 miles a day before work and does not come in late.
  • Our Vice President is another hard core cyclist that has done numerous long distance rides including the 100 mile, NY and NJ Grand Fondos and La Veulta in Puerto Rico. A three day, 375 mile ride around the entire island. He was joined on a few of these by our Operations Officer in between surf trips.


Pump Station Construction

Performing most of the excavation, shoring, cast-in-place concrete and mechanical work, in house.


a process that can put thousands of feet of new pipeline in service with minimal open excavation. 

Manhole Installation and Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of existing, deteriorated, Manholes and other structures in place, with minimal or no excavation. 


A similar process to slip lining except the new slip line pipe is actually larger in diameter than the original pipe. The existing pipe is burst open in place and new, larger pipe is pulled into place. Similarly, this is done with minimal excavation, working through existing structures or access pits

Cement Mortar Lining

Using minimal excavation for access points older cast iron pipe, is scraped clean using mechanical or hydraulic scrapers that are run through the pipe, scraping out rust and mineral build-up. Once clean, specialized equipment is used to apply and trowel smooth a cement lining in the old pipe.


Through the purchase of Garden State Tunneling Metra has gained years of experience and specialized tunneling equipment.  Garden State performs mostly tunnel boring operations and does virtually all of Metra’s tunneling and works as a subcontractor to many other contractors.

Cured-In-Place Pipe Linings

Another trenchless method used to install a new fiberglass lining in an existing deteriorating sewer or storm line. The liners are fiberglass resin impregnated felt, that is inverted into an existing sewer through the existing access structures. Once in place, the line is filled with water and “cured” at temperature of 180 degrees. The elevated temperatures initiate the curing process of the resin and harden the liner to the strength of a new pipe.

Bypass Pumping

Bypasses are set up to route the flow of water or sewage around an area of existing pipe that is being replaced or rehabilitated. Metra has extensive experience in bypassing both water mains and large diameter sewer mains. Metra maintains a large inventory of highly specialized pumps, piping, valves and telemetry equipment for bypasses ranging form 4” diameter to 72” diameter and larger. Metra has bypassed flows of over 32 million gallons per day

Large Diameter Sewer Cleaning – Through the purchase of highly specialized equipment, Metra has entered into a very specialized area of pipeline maintenance. Metra has the ability to survey assess and clean large diameter pipelines, many of them deep and in large cities. The depth and location of many of these pipelines makes them impossible to clean using conventional methods. Metra’s equipment uses high volume water flow and specialized pumps to break up and removed debris in existing deep and large pipelines. In many cases these lines are too deep and carry to much flow to be cleaned using conventional vacuum type equipment.

This equipment also has the ability to perform pre and post sonar inspection of the lines to determine the extent of the debris in the pipe and the percentage removed, post cleaning.

  • Poured In Place Concrete Chambers
  • Sheeting and Shoring
  • Deep Shaft Excavations
  • Rock Excavation by drilling and blasting
  • Dewatering of high ground water tables
  • Contaminated Soil Remediation
  • Contaminated Water Filtering and Remediation
  • Paving and concrete, grass and other restoration

This gives Metra Industries a broad level of diversification, both in expertise and geographic areas. Metra is not only well diversified, but it has expertise in several specialized and niche markets in the Utility and Heavy Construction Industry.

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